Resort Complex

The TP all-inclusive resort is currently under construction will have facilities that will provide a comprehensive ultimate wellbeing experience in harmony with breathtaking natural surroundings, nestled between a stunning artificial beach and the freezing ice skiing of Africa. Program that will include edutainment activities, spa services, physical fitness activities, wellness education, healthy cuisine and special interest programming, which are designed for specific vacation interests.

The all-inclusive resort will be geared towards families, with facilities like craft centers, game rooms and water parks to keep children of all ages entertained, as well be very popular locations for destination relaxation, weddings etc. which will redefine African tourism in Ghana.

The resort will be distributed across five individual communities that each take advantage of its own unique landscape. A comprehensive list of onsite amenities will be available including an exclusive beach club with restaurant and kitesurf, an eco-friendly boutique cottage, Yapwa central, Sport and recreational pack, Mystery world, Africa root, Kumasi night life, Osei krom city retail and social conveniences. Construction is well underway

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